Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Cyber Security

  • Initial cybersecurity assessment

This includes checking of client’s cyber security policies, procedures, and appliances. Clients will receive a comprehensive overview of their security status along with a list of recommended improvements.

  • Incident response

Incident response service is closely integrated with SOC and is designed to address and manage cybersecurity incidents.  In the event of a security breach, we will conduct a thorough system inspection to determine the breach’s origins. Subsequently, we will develop a detailed plan for implementing mitigation measures, thereby enhancing future protection against attacks and failures.

  • Internal audit

As part of our consultancy services, we act as internal auditors, evaluating your company’s adherence to cybersecurity best practices and international standards such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2.


Penetration tests

A penetration test is a security exercise where we simulate attacks on the company. Regarding information provided by the company penetration tests can be a black-box, gray-box, and white-box.

In a black-box penetration test, the company does not provide any information, such as email addresses, server locations, or websites. In this scenario, we employ techniques similar to those used by hackers to attempt to breach the system. The advantage of black-box testing lies in the use of real tools and techniques. However, its disadvantages include being time-consuming and requiring more human resources. Additionally, black-box tests may miss some targets that real hackers could discover and exploit.

White-box testing, on the other hand, involves the company providing all details about the architecture of its information system, users, and server deployments. This type of test employs fewer offensive techniques. The advantages of white-box testing include its efficiency in terms of time and human resources. Nevertheless, it does not use offensive techniques.

Gray-box testing is a blend of white-box and black-box testing. During gray-box testing, the company supplies information about users, such as email lists for phishing attacks, servers, and deployments. Following this, we employ offensive techniques to simulate real attacks. Gray-box testing combines the advantages of both, as it is time-effective and covers a wide range of attack scenarios.

During the penetration test, we can evaluate the following:

  • Physical security.
  • Network security.
  • Security and incident response policies.
  • Informational systems.
  • Web pages.
  • Servers.
  • End-user hosts.


  • Application penetration test

A specialized form of penetration testing is application penetration testing, which can also be categorized as black-box, white-box, or gray-box. The key distinction from standard penetration testing is that in application penetration testing, we exclusively test Android, iOS, desktop, or web applications.


Security Operations Center (SOC)

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a specialized department within an organization responsible for managing cybersecurity. It operates around the clock to identify and respond to threats to the organization’s information systems.

  SOC-Related Services

  1. SOC Outsourcing

The prevailing trend in the IT sector involves outsourcing the SOC to external contractors. The primary drivers for this shift are the high costs associated with the security equipment required for the SOC and the need for a substantial workforce. Due to the significant initial costs, we should refrain from SOC outsourcing.

  2. Planning and setup of SOC

Planning and setting up a SOC involve the establishment of security parameters and a defence-in-depth strategy within organizations. Additionally, we offer assistance to clients in the installation and configuration of necessary security equipment. We provide consultancy services, crafting a list of required equipment, as well as a roster of essential roles and skills for future employees. We can also help throughout the screening and interview process.

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